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Application Of Derivatives


Show that the altitude of the ...

Show that the altitude of the right circular cone of maximum volume that can be inscribed in a sphere of radius r is 4r/3. Also, find maximum volume in terms of volume of the sphere.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : A sphere of fixed radius (r) is given. <br> Let R and h be the radius and the height of the cone respectively. `[XII_06_MEX_15]` <br> `mathbf "To show h=" frac{4r}{3}` <br> `text(In triangleABC, AC=h-r) ` <br> `text(Therefore, using Pythagoras theorem,)` <br> `(h-r)^2 + R^2 = r^2` <br> `implies R^2 = r^2 - (h-r)^2` <br> `text(Volume of cone:)` <br> `text(V=)frac{1}{3}pi R^2h` <br> `text(V=)frac{1}{3}pi (r^2 -(h-r)^2)h` <br> `text(V=)frac{1}{3}pi (r^2 -h^2-r^2+2hr)h` <br> `text(V=)frac{1}{3}pi (2h^2r-h^3)` <br> `text(For maxima or minima,) frac{dV}{dh}=0` <br> `text(Now,)frac{dV}{dh}=frac{1}{3}pi[4hr-3h^2]=0` <br> `therefore 4hr=3h^2` <br> `therefore h=frac{4r}{3}`


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