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Show that if `f_1` and `f_2` are one-one maps from `R` to `R` , then the product `f_1xxf_2: R->R` defined by `(f_1xxf_2)(x)=f_1(x)f_2(x)` need not be one-one.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the question is show that if F1 and F2 11 Maths from R to R then the product F1 cross tattoo from are you are defined by the process to X is equals to sin 2x near not be so we have given that and 11 maps and the product F1 cross to from real number 2 real number Defined by S1 cost if 2 X is equals to F1 X Into X show that you need not be 11 so Vinod function f is said to be 11 if different elements of the domain

has different images in ko domain that is if functions from A to B then different elements of a has different images in B2B can write as a is not equal to b then this implies if a is not equal to a for apple b for ball a coma be in a this also implies if a = 2f of B then it implies a equals to b for ball a b in a Chunav from here let us suppose F1 X equals to where F1 is from real number 2 real number and X is equals to x axis in real number

F2 is from R to H such that f2x liquids to minus x per all X belongs to real number 111 and F2 is also one one function as if we take F1 X is equals to 1 by then we get access to Wine from here this condition satisfied with this implies F1 is 11 and F2 F2 X equals to F2 wind in this implies minus 1 is equal to -1 this implies X equals to mine from here we can say that F2 is 11 now we have F1 crossref

excess 1 X Into X + 2 X into cos 2x is equal to minus 1 is equal to minus x square if we take an element in the number that is supposed is 1 then F1 cross F2 of 1 is equals to minus one square equals to minus 11 cross if two of -1 then the simplest - of -1 square equals to minus one so here we get saved images for two different telling the image of one is also -1 and the image of -1 is also -1

this implies F1 process to is not 11 in year

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