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Application Of Derivatives


Show that height of the cylind...

Show that height of the cylinder of greatest volume which can be inscribed in a right circular cone of height h and semi vertical angle is one-third that of the cone and the greatest volume of cylinder is `4/(27)pih^3tan^2alphadot`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : The given right circular cone of fixed height (h) and semi-vertical angle (α) can be drawn as: <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/XII_06_MEX_18_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Here, a cylinder of radius R and height H is inscribed in the cone. <br> We have `r=tanh alpha` <br> Now since `Delta`AOG is similar to `traingle`CEG, we have <br> `frac{AO}{OG}=frac{CE}{EG}` <br> `implies frac{h}{r}=frac{H}{r-R}` <br> `implies H=frac{h}{r}(r-R)=frac{1}{tan alpha}(h tan alpha-R)` <br> Now the volume V of the cylinder is given by <br> `V=piR^2H=piR^2frac{h}{r}(r-R)=frac{1}{tan alpha}(h tan alpha-R)=frac{1}{tan alpha}(htan alpha-R)` <br> `frac{dV}{dR}=2piRh-frac{3piR^2}{tan alpha}` <br> Now, `frac{dV}{dR}=0` <br> `therefore 2piRh-frac{3piR^2}{tan alpha}=0` <br> `implies R=frac{2h tanalpha}{3}` <br> `Now,frac{d^2V}{dR^2}=2pih-frac{6piR}{tan alpha}` <br> `=2pih-frac{6pi(frac{2h tanalpha}{3})}{tan alpha}=-2pih<0` <br> By second derivative test, the volume of the cylinder is the greatest when `R=frac{2h tanalpha}{3}` <br> Now, when `R=frac{2h tanalpha}{3} H=frac{1}{tanalpha}(htanalpha-frac{2htanalpha}{3})=frac{h}{3}` <br> Thus, the height of the cylinder is one-third the height of the cone when the volume of the cylinder is the greatest. Now, the maximum volume of the cylinder can be obtained as: <br> `=pi(frac{2h tanalpha}{3})^2(frac{h}{3})=frac{4}{27}pih^3tan^2alpha`


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