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Show that: |[1 ,1+p,1+p+q],[2,...

Show that: `|[1 ,1+p,1+p+q],[2, 3+2p,1+3p+2q],[3, 6+3p,1+6p+3q]|=1` .

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the question is so that that determined containing element at the C1 we have 13 and the sea to we have one + B3 + 2.6 + 3p and at the C3 we have one + P + q 1 + 3 + 2 and here we have a last oneplus 6t plus 3 q and this is equal to one we have to prove that our lhs is equal to our RSS feed and this question we have to prove this prove you now let first 1 hour or less so in the analysis we have a little let se this statement is our a let's say this is our and here are determined as containing element 1 2 3 year 1 + B3 + C3 and here we have 6 plus PP and here we have one + P + Q here we have oneplus 3 P + q and have you have oneplus 6

class 3 Cube Chunav here we will use our operations to hear you have operation first that is at the earth will use R2 - of that make their first to hear at the earth at the art will use operation that are 2 - of two R1 and second operation will be at the Earth revolution operation are 3 - of 3 Pro using these two operations the value of h a i will be equal to our dear one oneplus oneplus t and here we have one + P + Q now at the earth we will have

0 share1 and here - 1 + 3 using our this operation now here we have at the r303 hair - of two plus repair using our this operation sunao now again use our again an operation to hear operation will be at three values operation are 3 - 32 sunao after using this operation we have a new value of a that is why we have one oneplus t and hear 1 + 3 + q and their next are you will have value 0 1 - 13 now here at the earth using this operation using this operation will have a year zero here and here also one now now this is our statement now fast

next we need to find a value for our it meant to know expand it along now I will expand it along 8347 sunao hair after spending hours even that there will take our one into this column and for this and this column so from here we have jio in 2500 into minus 1 + 3 - of heavier minus minus 12 heavier minus 1 into one that is our one so this whole values in modular from here a determined will be there this value becomes zero to have we have 0 -1 from here value of determinant a value minus of a into our model sunao from here the value of h a determined will be positive one because when

negative value comes out of the models and it will come or positive value from here we can see that our determinant is our one and this is our RSS from Kaise that our RSS is equal to our RSS and this is our answer thank you

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