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Shikha earns Rs 3000 for wo...

Shikha earns Rs 3000 for working in 8 days. How much will she earn if she works for 15 days?



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Updated On: 12-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59GK questions is that Shikha on rupees 3000 for working in 8 days how much will I earn if she works for 15 days we are given the amount of money that she is earning for working at that is rupees 3000 question for the us that how much we will even if she worked for 15 days so let's first of all we know that according to question working for a days Shikhar zoning rupees 3000 know if she works for one day then she will on 1 by 8 of the amount that she is running for it is that is rupees 3000 non dividing 3008 will get 375 rupees 375 is the amount that Shikha will earn in one day Navya found out the amount acchi ka villain in war
01:00 - 01:59Lena we can easily find out the the earning of Shikha for 15 days working for 15 days now for 15 days Shikha well on 15 days Shikha will on 15 x the amount that she earns working for one day that is rupees 3 375 rupees 375 x 15 will give us rupees 5625 this is the amount that Shikha will earn working for 15 days and this is what we were asked to find in this question so this is our answer rupees 5625 that's all thank you

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