Set of values of x lying in [0, 2pi] satisfying the inequality |sin x | gt 2 sin^(2) x contains



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Updated On: 3-5-2021

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`(0, pi/6) uu (pi, (7pi)/(6))``(0, (7pi)/(6))``pi/6`None of these

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00:00 - 00:59hello friends so in this question it is given to me that the set of values of X lying in 0 to 2pi satisfying the inequality Mod of sin x greater than two science contains which satisfy the equation so here it is given to me that Mod of sin x is greater than 2 sin square x + sin x is greater than zero for your sign as it is between second quadrant it means it is from 0 to pi so it will be positive in those for print statement cynophilia will be greater than zero it means a more sin x value will be bought it one positive and negative value but it is between this value so it will be positive only it means time so hair when they are saying that your sign is
01:00 - 01:59greater than 2 sin square x ok it means I can write a sin x is minus 2 sin square x is greater than zero this value will be when you take finance common from this value so it comes 1 - 2 sin square x and it is greater than zero so here at = 20 Aisi Kuchh 20 ke and value will be come when one by two when your ex is what 56 56 points on number line 206 different conditions of three positive and negative Hindi songs 2016
02:00 - 02:59for positive value and negative Union sweet will be come 5562 ok so for your eggs for your X belongs to 52 to pay now we are writing for fire to prepare for your model of sin x will be minus sin x ok so it will minus sin x so your minus sign it will be what greater than 2 sin square x this can be written as that to science close and instruments + 10 please between part 222 and it will minus one by two forward for units will be
03:00 - 03:597562 for this value so when I wrote this on number line so unit is my 57 so here it is negative it is positive and others it will be negative sold this will you will be there to you eat too long to from word from 5276 11 so when you come to see this value and this value for their all Union will be equal to their all values Union will be taken ok so when we check the option to when all values Union will be taken so this value will be not there this value is not there this value not there only this value will be founded and this will be an answer for this question so I hope you understand the
04:00 - 04:59question thanks for watching this video

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