Satement 1 If the nth termn of a series is 2n^(3)+3n^(2)-4, then the second order differences must be an AP. <br> Statement 2 If nth term of a series is a polynomial of degree m, then mth order differences of series are constant.



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Updated On: 2-5-2021

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Statement 1 is true, Statement 2 is true, Statement 2 is a correct explanation for Statement 1Statement 1 is true, Statement 2 is true, Statement 2 is not a correct explanation for Statement 1Statement 1 is true, Statement 2 is falseStatement 1 is false, Statement 2 is true

Answer :
Solution :
`:.T_(n)=2n^(3)+3n^(2)-4` <br> Sequence is `1,24,77,172,321,"……"` <br> First order difference `23,53,95,149,"…."` <br> Second order difference `30,42,54,"…."` <br> which are in AP. <br> `:.` Statement 1 is true. <br> `:. T_(n)` is of three degree and third order difference will be constant. <br> Statement 2 is true, which is correct esplanation for Statement 1.



00:00 - 00:59OK so the given question here we have a statement one with says that if the and it term of a series which is 2 and square + 3 x square - 4 then the second order differences must be and ok this is a good question is saying soda 2 first look for the first statement after the first statement will move to the statement ok so for statement says that is this equation is it off and an item that is what to N Cube + 3 x square - 4 then what we have to find the second order difference and then you are to check that is that in AP or not ok so hopefully I'll find a minimum of five terms OK what are you doing just adds to the values this one for first time I put the value of -1 this will become one Cube + 31 - 4 12432 this will become too Cube + 3 X 2 x minus of forces under 16 + 6 minus 4 is equal to what 1
01:00 - 01:59sorry no this will become sorry this part will become i18n this will become 24 this will become 24 ok because there is a square b square is also a square is MS please a square b square hear this will become 24 now if you find 83 term this will come out as 23 Cube + 3 x square minus 4 is what is equal to 77 for the 4th term I have tea 44 Cube + 34 x square - 4 = what is welcome to me as 172 OK Now 45 term this will become 25 Cube + 35 x square - 4 = 321 right now
02:00 - 02:59I have terms which are 12477 10021 swalathinte 18477 172 1321 and so on they are going right sunao Bade do I find out the first the difference so my first order difference is what is what this difference at 24 - 123 now 7724 just become 53 now 7277 this will become a 95 and no 321 seducing become 149 Eaton small Now questions a statement says we have to find the second order difference ok so second order will become second order will become difference of force for doms will come up to 53% 3:30 95 - 53 is what 42 and this will become 14975 will come 54 now I have to check if this was only difference is that in AP or not
03:00 - 03:59how are you ok so to be in AP the difference would be the same common difference of 42 - 30 42 - thirties for 12 and what is the value 54 - 54 - 42 this is a 12 it means that they have a common difference it makes a difference is what common married and when difference is common then it means that s a different forms AP it forms a p s clearly see that my statement when is what to read now the second state it says that if any third term of a series is a polynomial of degree n ok is a polynomial of degree n that I made a difference is of series are constant ok it measured for this point I have written this one what is the highest degree the is basically tn7 degree of 3 degree degree like this
04:00 - 04:59so it saying that if I am degree term then a method difference of series accountant ok so what are you doing now if I ever third degree Third Order difference because the maximum degree we have is what we write a short essay for 3rd order we are looking for third order difference it means the defence of this as a difference between 42 - 12 and performance will become what the series I have your 12 this 152 - 34 12 and 54 - 14 is what it means that they are forming constant terms it means that they are what that is their constant rate all the terms are counted in the third order Amazon order we have basically so in that case it saying the difference of series accountant exactly this one is also come as true so I can tell that Satan one is true statement to strong statement to is a correct explanation for statement was option one is my correct answer were looking for

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