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Sania Mirza is to play with Sharapova in a three set match. For a particular set, the probability of Sania winning the set is √y and if she wins probability of her winning the next set becomes y else the probability that she wins the next one becomes y2. There is no possibility that a set is to be abandoned. R is the probability that Sania wins the first set<br>If Sania loses the first set then the values of R such that her probability of winning the match is still larger than that of her loosing are given by <br> a. R in (1/2,1) <br> b. R in ((1/2)^(1/3),1) <br> c. R in ((1/2)^(3//2),1)<br> d. no values of R



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Updated On: 15-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59so hello everyone in this Sunday said that Sania Mirza is to play with Tarapur were in the three set match for the particular set of probability of Saina win in this set is root by and its events probability of winning the nest by as the probabilities she was the next day will be why there is no possibility that are said to be a Walton so a reserve probability that China will be first so let me that is why is the probability that designer wins the first now if I never loses his first and then these values of such that are probability of winning
01:00 - 01:59is still larger than that of her lose in a given by so there are four of so4 this led to write about the probability of her winning match so so this is the probability probability of winning match and this will be equal to be it is given that rasilo lose fast Mein so this will be 1 - are 10 for winning the fullness have to win the second third match C S when the second match then this will be our server returned there and after this become
02:00 - 02:5923rd may so this will become 1 - are X are you now if we see probability of losing 4 days all that she loses first match and then even the second and then using hardware this is one possible way of writing this and there are also one possible that she lose fast and also lose 20 second this will be this now if we see the question then it will it is writ
03:00 - 03:59there that we have to find the value of are such that her probability of winning the match is still larger than that of a loose in the mail Desh Videsh 1 - X are you will be greater than 1 - are 1 - are 1 - r11s h so if you solve this then we found that this will be equal to be the first we can eliminate 11 from all of this same for all of these and this will be our Q greater than 1 - are a + 1 - are now
04:00 - 04:59then we also write it as lete 1 - are common then it will come our way just one Ab To Desh Vinod that this is the formula of a cube minus b cube so we can ask to write it as a greater than a cube minus b cube 1 - are you now we are so right it as are you greater than 1 - are you let transfer it there and 2 are you greater than 1 and 2 Greater than one by two so
05:00 - 05:59one white to power one white to let Mein option then our second option is so this is it thank you guys

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