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Compound Interest


Romesh borrowed a sum of Rs 24...

Romesh borrowed a sum of Rs 245760 at 12. 5% per annum, compounded annually. On the same day, he lent out his money to Ramu at the same rate of interest, but compounded semi-annually. Find his gain after 2 years.


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hello action Romesh borrowed a sum of rupees 200000 45760 at 12.5% per annum compounded annually on the same day he lent his money to Ramu at the same rate of interest compounded semi annually find his gain after 2 year what is happening here there is a person Ramesh he borrowed some money from this person then promise lent out his money to remove the Mount Mount and removal also returned to Ramesh so this is among a to know the game will be if there is again then again

Roman gain for MS will be amount 82 - 11 this is the formula for amount and compound interest given amount this is equal to principal oneplus are upon hundred to the power n t h r e d rate of interest and innate time period formula is valid when this is valid in the case of compound interest when it is calculated compounded annually compounded

compounding and a 1 is equal to principal what is Principal this much amount 45761 plus are 12.5% power and what isn't any time period to wear a 1 is equal to lakh 45761 plus I can write 12.500 as 0.125 this becomes too 45760 No add one of these figures 1 point 125 whole square simplify we

get this amount to is equal to 3 11040 for this is among A1 in rupees now let's find out the amount to what is happening in case of a to dentist is compounded semi annually the formula for amount becomes principal p-12 upon 2 X hundred and time period is to end this formula is valid in case of compound semi annually as it is given in the statement find out the amount

8282 is equal to principal principal is same to let 45761 plus are Harish 12.5% upon to in 200 becomes 202 the power to then what is an NH 222 X to simplify 24 57601 plus 12.5 upon 202 the power for simplified for the sotu for file 7601 this becomes in the decimal point 0.0625 whole power 4 no further simplify 760 No add 11.0 625

whole power 4 no we simplify this amount becomes 31320 3.75 in Rupees to know what is gain gain weight gain for domus this is equal to rupees 82 - 9 letters find out again to in Rupees a 2-inch 31320 3.75 - 77 7311 0403 11040 update the two numbers we get this number is equal to 216

3.7.2 this is the required gain for roommate provision se game promise is rupees 2160 3.75 this is final answer thank you

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