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Rhombus; Rectangle; Square and...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


video mein Ham Rhombus rectangle in kite ki definition S pahle Rhombus status rhombus is a parallelogram having all four sides Ramji PG message ismein chalu site sequelone Telegram Ki Ab is equal to BC CD is equal to 2 pair of opposite sides are parallel hai ab parallel CD and AD BC so ABCD is a rhombus stop Ham rectangle definition Dekhenge pahle rectangle definition 90° jaise ki ABCD is a parallelogram Diya vah ismein angle A and Angle B and angle C angle D shira 90 degree

90 degree or ab parallel CD and AD parallel BC square definition likhate square is a rectangle with a pair of adjacent sides equal square or rectangle the party of TB treatment pair of adjacent sides equal to Yahan per ABCD rectangular adjacent sides jaise ki ab aur a recovery ko ghar Jaate Hain Pyaar Ho Gaya ko Aise MMTC Abhishek Koi kar dete Hain Sare a code to add aur DC bhi ko 2404 sites equal to Four Square hota hai according to the definition of kite equality is a kite if it has two pair of adjacent sides and unequal

opposite side a Hona chahie Kaise side equal hone ka ek or Rani Colony opposite side is recording mein ghar banate hain speaker Mein ABCD kite Hai usmein Urdu condition satisfy courageously to pair of equal sides exactly two pair AB equal to AC and BC equal to DC and aur koi bhi opposite per equal nahin hai abhi site hi koi nahin hai jo sing per BC is not equal to 80 ab not equal to DC this is a figure of kite connect video mein badhiya hai ki diagonal of a parallelogram use two congruent Triangles Mein divide kirtan


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