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Whole Numbers


Representation of whole number...

Representation of whole numbers on numbers line


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and this video we want to talk to how to represent the whole number section on a number line hi whole numbers kam Kaise ek number line par represent Karenge this is going to our topic discussion in this video check number line hota hai mara the straight line pointing towards both the infinite sides this side tends to the left side and the negative of infinity and the right side and to the positive of infinity right in the centre this is always zero right and the right side is always positive at equal segments Ham Intezar se baat kar rahe hote hain ful integers 1 2 3 4 5 6 and opposite side mein Hamara SSC Jayega ya important Yahan per kya hai

that this segment lengths are equal red jab tak Ko Nahin Hogi tab tak Hamen isko valued Nahin koi matlab Nahin rahega correct so moving on what was the question the question was to define whole number on the number line ki number line Hamare straight line is ka middle point zero hai aur right side Hamare this is the right side it will be positive India dealing with whole numbers that are positive to the whole number Hera this this write including 0 and all of this this is the way that we are going to represent our whole numbers on the number line