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Representation of a Relation i...

Representation of a Relation in(b) Roster form

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone is video mein ham log representation of relation ka roster form padenge roster form Mein Ek example Cisco Baithe samajh sakte hain to ham log starting hi example Se Karte Hain Sab mere pass koi ek set Hai jismein element se 1234566 aur hamare pass koi bhi hai jismein 2 4 6 8 9 10 11 element relationship Kari define Kiya Army relation hai equal hone ka theek hai yani is as related to be if and only is is equal to be Hamare se relation mein Dekhenge kaun kaun aaega Hamare is relation mein a Jaenge dekhega 11 Yahan Bhi Hamari abhi Tumhara

one is related to 1 and 2 is related to 233 is not there so3 is not related with any four is related to 4 and 5 is not there 66 is also their sources and related to sex dekhte hain ki itne Hamare element Mile relation ke liye to Inko represent Karte ham log roster form se roster form log jyadatar tab use karte hain hamare pass final set ho tum log Baithe maintain use karne ke liye Hamara set ho jaega Rohtak Kaun hota hai Hamare set ho jaega setup all pairs of one common Jo Hamare 1 com 22 22 44 and 66 kya method hota hai set ko represent karne

ke is murdered ko ham log bolate Hain roster method theek hai dusre method Ham Jaisa Kahin Hota ham log finally use karte hain aap dekh sakte hain Aisa Kyon Kyon Agar mere pass infinite set Ho Gaya Ham Aise Karke kitne element Likhenge Agar Mera relation in financial ko define kara To Ham Akon abhi Jaisa element kahan tak liya Payenge ka natak Mein isliye ham log kya karte ki ham log jo finance at Hota To Ham log kaise use karte hain likhane ke liye apni Agali video mein ham log Kuchh aur type ke relations ke representation ke tarike ko dekhenge


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