Reduce the equations to the intercept form 2x-3y=5



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Updated On: 20-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59in this question we have to reduce the equation in the inst intercept form we have the creation is 2 x minus 3 Y is equal to 5 so from here first we know that the intercept form of a General equation we have this is X divided by a plus we have thus avoid being this is equal to 1 hair we have the says X intercept intercept here and we have this 20 y-intercept so from here we can reduce this equation derivation we have Ace 2x - of this will be 3 why this is equal to 50 from where we can divide this equation by 5 so this will be equal to 2 by 5 this is x minus of this will be 3 by 5 this is why and this will be equal to one here so from where we can simplify the situation does we have X / we can write this as x divided by this will be 5 by 2 here and we can write the
01:00 - 01:59+ 8 so this will be equal to Y / we can write this minus 5 by 3 here so this is equal to one here here we have the this is the required intercept form of the equation hair we have the se Age 5 by 2 X intercept intercept and the biwi have is - of 53 Hai dasvi have Y intercept X intercept in the Silver intercept thank you

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