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Red queens and black jacks ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello friends Mera question is red Queens and black check are removed from a pack of 52 playing card a card is drawn at random from the remaining cards after each offering them find the probability that the card drawn is a king of red colour of a card and queen coding for question in the Pack of 52 cards there are two red queen and two black tattoo total number of cards 52 therefore remaining cards are remaining card equal to 2 - 4 that is equal to 48 now of first part is that the card drawn is a king

cartoon is the king means favourable outcome is outcome is equal to 13 foking in pack of 52 playing cards now probability year card drawn is a in toto battery of getting a king is equal to favourable outcome upon total outcome and favourable outcome is and total is 48 then it is equal to 1 upon well now our second part is the card drawn is of red colour means favourable outcome is equal to that colour

and total cards are 50 to wear half and half black colour top 52 upon 2 is equal to 20 at colour cards is 26 but after removal of after removal of two red green remaining colour card is remaining that colour R is equal to 26 -2 that is equal to 24 to hear probability of getting a card that colour of red colour is equal to 24 upon that is equal to 1 upon 2 now our third

what is probability of a card drawn is the skirt hair favourable outcome is equal to face card face cards are Inc + Queen + check that is equal to there are working for and to queen and to check that is equal to 80 probability of getting a card is available outcomes upon total outcome that is equal to is it and total is 48 that is equal to 1 upon now about what part is probability of pata

enable outcomes is equal to 3 and prints are to so probability of getting a queen is equal to 2 upon 48 that is equal to 1 upon 24 hour after that sit thank you

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