Rani bought vegetables weighing 10 kg. Out of this, 3 kg 500 g is onions and 2 kg 75 g is potatoes and the rest is tomatoes. What is the weight of tomatoes?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

4.429 kg
4.416 kg
4.425 kg
4.424 kg
The correct Answer is C


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hello everyone looked at a given about vegetable rating 10kg out of this 525 G is potato and tomato what is the weight of the total weight of the total weight of vegetable a way to reinstall to rate of equal to kg 500 gram now rates of
tattoos equal to 2 kg 25 gram now to find the weight of tomatoes weight of tomato is equal to Total weight of irritable - weight of iron and weight of potato Total weight of -3 KG 500 gram to KG Total weight in kg and weight of a and b of potatoes are so this from
so that we can find the weight of tomatoes now 10 kg -175 now convert gram into kg so I don't know that 1002 1 kg so 520 521 1525 0.575
10 kg -0.75 is 10 kg 5.75 75 kg -5.5 and 5.2 so the weight of 4.3 to 5 kg weight of tomato 0.25 kg
AG 45

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