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Random or probabilistic experi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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so we're talking about random experiment random experiment Hamen Pata experiment kya hota hai random experiment kya hota hai yah Jante Hain random experiments so in a random experiment we do not know whatever the outcome will be under identical conditions so we do not know what our outcome will be identical condition by breaking down the definition we know ki unlike deterministic experiment random experiment Mein Hamen Nahin Pata Hota ki Hamara outcome Kya Hoga example suppose we are talking about tossing a coin Tumhara favourite example and tossing a coin mein suppose we have a coin

1 coin ke ek side hota hai ek side Tej hota hai Vande torsid flip it tab kya two heads are sakta hai par face par kya to trade Ja Sakta Hai Armaan lete ki Humne pichhali bar Ki Tarah is bar is experiment ko virus nahin kiya Jo head se use Husain diya jo tej hai use Tej Rahane Diya then Hamara kam Ek well-defined set ke andar to like karta hai but we are uncertain uncertain Ham ki Hamara out kam Hoga Kya Hoga it will be random so is bar Hamara outcome random aaega that is what random experiment means ki Hamara outcome deterministic Na Ho probabilistic Ho vah uncertain Ho Agar dusri company ki baat Karen

then he here rolling a die rolling a die ismein 123456 ismein se Kuchh Bhi output ho sakta hai but still we are a again uncertain about the outcome uncertain about the outcome which again makes it random or to say probabilistic probably ki answer dene define probability as the numerical counting of uncertainty Soham random experiment clearly Samay chuke hain Agali video mein Ham janenge sample space of Elementary event ke bare mein thank you

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