Ramkali saved Rs 5 in the first week of a year and then increased her weekly savings by Rs 1.75. If in the nth week, her weekly savings become Rs 20.75, find n.



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Updated On: 3-2-2021

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00:00 - 00:59today Ramkali Swift 5 rupees in a first week of the year and then increase a weekly savings by 1.575 rupees if in the and its peak her weekly savings become 20.75 rupee and we have to find out the value of an already given that in the first week her siblings were 5 then she increase your savings by 1.75 per week on right side neck speak it will be 6.75 wallet and in the next week from that it will become 8.5 alright and so on so if you also closed her Vicky savings are increasing by 1.75 on the difference between them is going to be constant so if you're clearly observed it is an API with is equal to 5 and the common difference is 1.75 because the difference between consecutive terms will remain constant so this is going to be a p all right now in any AP with
01:00 - 01:59a and common difference the it is of the form a a plus T A + 2B and so on right and the term is given by a plus and minus 1 X De Elite this particular scenario if you compare you can say that the value of a is going to be 5 rupees and the value of common difference is going to be from here you can tell it is 1.75 all like I am given that in an eight-week her savings are 20.75 so my the value of n is 27 5 I have to find out the value of an already going to have to this formula from here you can write down which is 5 plus and minus 1 into D and my 30 1.75 Elite it is equal to 20.75 ok so now all we have to do is simplify this calculation it becomes one
02:00 - 02:5975 X and minus 1 is equal to 15.875 all 100 and minus 1 is equal to Night from here you can say that the value of n is equal to 10 it was a 10th week in which are saying become 20.75 rupees Elite does a final solution thank you for watching

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