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Class 11






Linear Inequalities


Quadratic inequation...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


last videos Humne Dekha Tha ke liye in equation kya hota hai linear equation in one variable in two variables is Freedom the hi quadratic equation kya hota hai theek hai ab linear inequation quadratic equation bahut major difference hota hai Lene matlab jo Ham variable se Dhire Dhire kar lena Agar Jo highest power Deva band Hona chahie highest power of variable that is equal to one another and quadratic matlab hota hai jo highest power of variable highest power of variable to you are not you took 1 word that means Agar hamare pass hamare pass Agaram and the executive power thik hai To Agar is equal to one Hai Tu Mujhko bolate linear function hai agar tu Hota To Mujhse bolate Kaun

function theek hai re meri difference of the linear and quadratic ke bich Mein quadratic equation matlab aisa koi function of x if any function of X any function of X audio Nache quadratic function that is highest power that is too is related with signs of inequality math science of inequality to usko Ham bolate Hain It is then it is known as then it is known as quadratic in equation do Agar Ham Dekhen aap per let a be a non-zero real number

tu jo hai Diya real numbers they are real numbers and Xperia XP any variable quadratic equations formulas FIR like 1 square + bx created in C your FIR X square + PX greater than equal to see or X square + PX less than C or X square + bx + c equal to c is for measuring and equations onge onge quadratic equation theek hai agar Ham examples Dekhte x square - 5 x + 4 is less than equal to zero ya FIR x square - 3 x minus 2 is created in serum is formed which was my in equations that is quadratic equation Agar Ham Dekhe they have a given

Avian non zero number Aisa Kyon to kya kar Koi version 0 Jayega To Sirf xk for Mera Jayega To Agar power to virus Ho Jaaye to iska matlab book watertec Nahin Raha quadratic ke liye Jo Xperia Coefficient hai vah non-zero na Jaruri hota hai isliye Jo Apne Ek suar ka koi Pasand Leva non zero digit number liya to is video mein Humne Dekha first ki pahle linear and quadratic mein kya Fark Hota Tera Mein Dekha ki quadratic equation kya hai and then FIR Humne did you ki kaun se form ko Humko dattak inequations Kahate Hain and examples reckon Organics video mein Dekhenge ki enquiry inequations ko Ham Sawal kaise karte hain

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