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Class 12






Relation, Function & Itf


Q.16 Classify the following fu...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : surjective but not injective
Solution : NA

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student question is classify the following function defined in our to us as injective surjective both online and a given function is this cubic polynomial please solve this problem if I am going to differentiate this function will be equals to 3 x square - 12 x + 11 ok and this will make this is equals to zero ok you will get today Looks for Dead 2 real open why because he is greater than zero lets it it is 144

minus 3 into 3 into 11 into 3 into 11 and 12 = 21 44 - 12 into 11 level 132 is equal to 12 is positive that this which of the value of x is equals to zero at two points that this car will send kar will have maxima and minima maxima and minima both curve and minima Maxima then this is not active

other way to see this function injective is this is exactly what will satisfy this equation the roots of this cubic equation are 1 2 and 3 ok ok no problem and access to it Will draw the graph of this function that will be like this that will be like this and you can see this is many one function how do a line parallel to x axis is line cut cut to time difference that this is many months and minimum function not are not injective function ok one one function

no projecter function is extended from on y axis from minus infinity 22 on y axis power minus infinity and extension of graph on y-axis different range of this function is rent of this function is minus infinity to infinity and you can see this defines the code of mean of function which is equals to minus in this is surjective function in both sorry this function is only that this function is only not thank you a student

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