Q^+ is the set of all positive rational numbers with the binary operation * defined by a*b= (a b)/2 for all a ,\ b in Q^+ . The inverse of an element a in Q^+ is a (b) 1/a (c) 2/a (d) 4/a



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Updated On: 27-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is Q positive in the set of all the positive rational numbers with the binary operation star Defined by a star b is equal to a b by 2 for all ab belongs to give positive the inverse of an element belongs to give positive is often a is a option B is a one by efficiency is one to buy an option days or by a person get to find the inverse of the element the first of all before finding the universe Apartment 1st floor we need to find the identity element element letters in 2011 with our identity element means if we find the competitive with any number then it will give the same number lete say that is and number so here you will find
01:00 - 01:59commutative that is a star is equal to Y then it will give us a number that is a so here in this question we have a star and it is equal to ab by two letters replace lambi with our that is a star and this is equal to 2 sunao from here we know that the value of a study is our two letters replace the value so here we have a is equal to a bi to now able cancel out from both sides now the value of power is power to the entertainment is our to now next find the other inverse a inverse sunao inverse letters in order Universe as our universe is if you find the inverse with any number competitive with any number
02:00 - 02:59when it will give the identity element that is a star x is equal to X this is a commutative so it will give us the and identity element that is power in the question we have used RV and that is equal to a b by two letters replace our be with the extra heavy have a star x is equal to 1 by 2 now now next the value of x is our that is our identity element and the value of Identity element is to so now we have is equal to 2 now replace the value of e in that is equal to their first year in the numerator we have a x h a exe from here we report the value of 2 is equal to X by to know the value of x
03:00 - 03:59is 4 by a to the power inverse of an element a look at our options when the option option d is our correct answer and this is our answer thank you

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