Prove the following identities: cotA+cosecA1cotAcosecA+1=1+cosAsinA


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in the following question we have to prove cot A + cosec a - 1 / cot a minus cosec A + 1 is equal to 1 + cos theta / sin now here we use the identity cosec square minus cot square A is equal to 1 now in numerator we have cot A + cosec a -1 now put the value of one square cosec square A minus cot square A and in the nominated it remains same order a minus cosec A + 1 now we use
the following identity cot square A square minus b square is equal to a + b so it become cot A + cosec a - 8 becomes cosec a minus cot a bracket cosec A + cot a now denominator remains same cot a minus cosec A + 1 now take cot A + cosec a as common vigat 1 - cosec A + cot a
and denominator we have the same value in denominator we have got a - cosec A + 1 so it cancels each other It cancel each other now it remains cot A + cosec a now convert it into sin theta and Cos theta of home we get cause a / Sin A cos A is reciprocal of sin now it become 1 + Cos A / sin is our answer and equal to thank you

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