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Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


Prove the following identities...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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welcome to dotnet today we are going to discuss the problem and transport trigonometric functions of the problem is to prove the following identities to second squared theta minus sin power 4 theta minus 2 sin square theta + cosec and power 4 theta is equal to hath power 4 theta minus tan power 4 theta this is a letter should be equal to half its that is our 8 so let's start with the letter solely because I M is very simple so reducing this into this equation is very easy so I am talking with the NHS only I am writing a l i just told you through three white data -3 can power 4 theta minus cos square theta + cos power data

48 Hour is equal to cos power 4 theta minus tan power 4 theta before going going into this problem before going to to disturb latest call letters record The Identity that what they have learnt earlier the I2 identities are taken squared theta minus tan squared theta is equal to tan squared theta minus cot square theta is equal to 1 this to identities are very important to remember for doing the work problems such as throwing the identities in the trigonometry to utilising these two formulas I am going to write all the following things ok let us look of this to secant squared theta and going to keep it us if so the second scope power 4 theta I am going to write r s

halted similarly as it I am going to keep it as they like that only then I am going to write corsicana power 4 theta cosec square theta whole square next next what I am going to write in a place of taken square theta is in the base of the second squared theta I want to get them in the form of tentative I am am utilising this identity and writing second squared theta is equal to 1 + tan squared theta so everyone I am going to replace that were so 2 into 1 + tan squared theta minus 1 + tan squared theta whole square minus tan squared theta + cos square theta with 1 + cot square theta so 2 into 1 + cot square theta + 1 + cot square theta whole square 9 letters

to the point that has come to the point that 2 + 2 x square theta if we observed here the equation is loading that turned into taken as to court and tab to that is the main point that we should keep expanding it using a + b whole square formula 1 minus 10 squared Tata Power 4 theta Vega City Square b square equal to 4 then 11 Maya minus 1 minus 10 power 4 theta minus to transcribe the similarly if I will expand this 1 or 2 - 2 cos square theta + cot power 4 theta + 1 + 2 cos square theta + b whole square expansion

to cm2 to M2 will be kept can set the students will get cancer similar to COT square theta to cos square theta will get cancel - 1 + 1 ok place to -2 with what the terms we are left - stands for power 40 Flipkart for 48 H I am writing that was caught power 4 theta minus 10 power 4 theta which is equal to four letters is equal to Aahista 10th it is product thank you


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