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Mathematical Induction


Prove the following by the pri...

Prove the following by the principle of mathematical induction:`\ 11^(n+2)+12^(2n+1)` is divisible 133 for all `n in Ndot`


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friend occasion is the following by principle of Mathematical Induction That Power n + 2 + 12 + 12 + 1 is divisible by 133 for all is often drawn into the set of natural numbers we have to use pm before using this is my first of all actors name all function SPN such that its power and + 2 + 12 + power 2 and + 1 is divisible by 133 ok according to pmf first of all we have to prove the results for the value of n is equal to one that is 1 is divisible by 133

let's take even that equal to 11 power 3 + spouse which will be close to if I apply entity that is a cube plus b cube occurs a + b into a square + b square minus a bit of applying this entry will get 11 + 12 x square + Y square - 11 in to write this you will get the value of P investors 1223 X 121 + 144 - 132 students on subtraction you likely get the value of this will get 133

Presidency here we can write T1 has 133 into something ok so we can say when is divisible by 133 ok now now we have to consider the result is true for the value of n is equal to K that is a service that 11 raise to power K + 2 + 12 power 2 k + 1 by 1 33 friends that is it is nothing but we can say 11 is power ke + 2 + 12 power 2 k + 1 is equal to what is this equation is

first we have to prove that a result is true for the value of n is equal to K + 1 replies pk + Monster z11 is for if the value of n here in our many patients will get a + b square feet and here navigate to K + 2 + 1 + 2 k + UK + 3 is divisible by 133 love sticker value reaches 11 is 4k + 3 + 12 power 2 k + pm2 start from this

write few lines for K + Riaz 11-5 K + 2 X 11 right as a contestant on solving this you are adequately can get the value of k + UK + free domain name from equation ones print I can substitute the value of 11 power K + 2 and I will get a value as well as power 2 k + 1 and whole thing is X 11 plus wireless power 2 k + 3 remain same right now you can see admin 211 on expanding will get values for 2 k + 1 X 11 price power 2 k + C3 - if I take

trains for 2 k + common out of these two terms and left with 11 - part 2 that we give you into 11 - 2 k + 1 x minus 1 33 on solving this ok and then you can ride as admin 211 - 10 - 10 - bill comes out to give you and your left 133 into 10 power 2 + 9 his friends have a look at the equation of phosphorus you can see me a President this company ke is equal to M M was nothing but it is the function that is divisible by 133 right

as we have considered that piece to Udaipur as you can see a itself this number is divisible 133 and here we can see 130 is present in multiplication so therefore you can ultimately conclude this thing that the whole thing is divisible by the term 133 and this is the part which we have to prove so you can conclude the question by writing this thing at then hence why PMI the result is true for all values of and belonging to a set of natural numbers thank you so much students has a solution