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Prove that the tangent at any...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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student letter start with solution here we have given prove that the tangent at any point of circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact superstar call to solve this particular question we have to draw a proper diagram draw a circle over his with Centre O ok now I will draw a tangent I will draw at engine which is cutting to the circle at point ok no I can draw a line from centre of the point to a like this one minute make this Perfect I will draw a line to the point A which will be joined the point of circle and

Jivan what is given to us so given circle with Santa o and attend point ok let this tangent to be as now what we have to prove to that that is too true chupulu is perpendicular

start with story now I have given construction will do like a point then we will draw a line which will join the centre of the circle and 2.3 and onto the point of his oberland cutting to the circle lattice points as we know if we will look at the diagram so ok and ok are nothing but same radii of him I can write ok is nothing but is equals to or from which point same

ready same radii of the circle same radius of the circle now now the point which I can write that is if I will look at this line from where can I write OB is nothing but combination of OSI and TCP ok so is nothing but a combination of what I will look the upper I can write a is greater than a is Greater the to not greater than its

less than equity is less than 2 OB because of is greater than that why will be less than 2 frog point the an arbitrary point Singh is an arbitrary fine on tangent l ok from this point I can write that

the is shorter than oe is shorter than any adult line any other line joining Two O joining O2 n point on l to any fine on l ok from here I can conclude that hence it is

proved it is proved that is a is nothing but perpendicular to L which is the required permission I hope you will thank you

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