Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


Prove that the sum of the radi...

Prove that the sum of the radii of the radii of the circles, which are, respectively, inscribed and circumscribed about a polygon of `n` sides, whose side length is `a ,` is `1/2acotpi/(2n)dot`


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prove that the sum of radii of the radius of circle which are respectively instrument circumscribed about the polygon of N sides whose side is there is half a cord bye-bye and thicken Tujhko radius of circumscribed circle kya hota hai circumscribe a circle ki value hoti hai aaj iski value ok bye tu bye bye in a radio in speciality of the radius of inscribed circle of radius R is half Agar inside Kahin regular polygon hai to uska ji Sargam radius Hoga FIR uski value pay2india and regular polygon uski In radio ASCII value

half Kot bye-bye n Tumhare h + R K value kitne Gai yah Aage add kar denge took it upon cos a sin b + cos theta Cos pi by an upon sin a upon to be aayega thik hai this is equal to 1 + Cos pi by and upon 2 into 2 sin pi by an into cos