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Prove that the lines (x+1)/3=(y+3)/5=(z+5)/7a n d(x-2)/1=(y-4)/4=(z-6)/7 are coplanar . Also, find the plane containing these two lines.



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Updated On: 23-3-2021

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Solution :
Direction ratio's of `L1(3,5,7) and L2(1,4,7)` and `B(2-(-1), 4-(-3),6-(-5))=(3,7,11)`<br> So,<br> `|[3,7,11],[3,5,7],[1,4,7]|=3(35-28)-7(21-7)+11(12-5)=0` So, these given lines are coplanar.



00:00 - 00:59the question is prove that X + 1 by 3 is equal to Y + 3 by 5 is equal to Z + 5 by 7 and another line that is x minus 2 by 1 = 2y - 4 by 4 people to Z - 67 are cooking this means that you have to prove that is both lines are coplanar and also find the plane where to find the thing which contains both of these lines write with both of these right now for any airline of general equation of line dated 11 for any LINE which is a form x minus x 1 divide k y minus 1 divided by anyone in this is equals to Z - 1 / annual and for
01:00 - 01:59another line as to which is a form x minus x 2 by L2 = 2y - 2 Y equal to z z to buy and to write when we having Line Line L1 and line between two lines having two lines of these these then we can write that these lines are coplanar lines are coplanar If the data if the determinant headphone the determinants determinant containing X to 961 that is your we're having a point as X2 - 2 x 2 - 12 - 51 and check to mine Z1
02:00 - 02:59and here L1 L1 and L2 M2 and and 2015 = 20 then we can say that the line L1 and L2 hot coplanar when they satisfy this condition then we can say that the lines are coplanar right now as we are given that the given lines of the given licence question that is equity X + 1 by 3 Y + 3 by 5 we have 91 as X + 1 by 3 is equals to 5 + 3 by 5 enter sequel to Z + 5 by 7 + 5 by 7
03:00 - 03:59and the another line that is L2 selectivity and that is equals to x minus 2 by 1 Y - 4 by 4 x minus to buy one is equals to 1 by 4 and equals to Z minus 6 Y 7 8 - 67 right now if we compare our design award is given lines with this with this life if we compare our rescue 911 with this line and L2 with this line then we can say that we can write the X1 X2 Y1 Y2 z2z Z1 Z2 L1 L2 to get it from these tips by comparing these lines with these lines and tournament we can write that X
04:00 - 04:59is equals to minus 1 is equal to minus 1 by 1 is equals to minus 3 and 1 is equals to minus 5 then 1 is equals to minus 5 right hand held at first sight album and 1 is equal to 3 and 1 is equals to 5 and M anyone is equal to 75 Jis 491 and chamber line to that is X2 is equal to 2 by 2 is equal to four Z2 is equal to 6 time L2 is equal to 1 and 2 is equals to 4 and N2 is equals to solve this determinant so here we are having a now let make a determinant
05:00 - 05:59knowledge soldiers Lord for that let you go to First put the purse as X2 - so be aware that is too YouTube to minus Cos minus plus so we can we can write two plus one that is 3 then why to -504 plus 37 and Z 2 - Z1 that is 6 - 5 x + 6 + 5 11 annual one and one and one and one and L2 M2 and N2 latest fight equal if this determinant is equals to zero then we can say that the given line are coplanar solid positively 3 into
06:00 - 06:595 into 735 - of 2835 - 28 - of 7723 21 - 7 + 11 into Puran 23 12 in 12 - 1 2 5 5 = 20 35738 21 - of 17 to 21 - 7 letters 14 + 11 into 12 - 37 is equal to 21 - of 14827 that is 98 plus 11827 that is 7777 2198 7721 is equal to 98 so from where we can clearly see that this got
07:00 - 07:59cancelled and is equals to Farad is equal to order and we can see that the lines are coplanar lines are coplanar right now the question also says to find the plane containing these two line near to find the plane containing these two line so as for the general as for the equations of this form will know that if L1 and L2 arklow coplanar then this condition is equal to zero now when we are given that L1 and L2 and we have to have to find the equation of plane which contain these two line that is a form of the technique used to form a determinant
08:00 - 08:59right now hear the point x minus y minus 1 minus z&d SMS album I am on animal animal l2m to and for this is for equation of line correct this is for equation of plane containing two containing two line continue to line = 20 now that it's all so here as we having a first meet the determining to solve to put the values
09:00 - 09:59and this is equal to 2 x minus x 1 x minus we are having as well as minus one by one is -3 and that one is -5 Z1 - pipe X1 - - - 1 + X + 1 Y - - + 3 X + 3 and same as desired minus minus plus s actress in Nagpur the value is Null values of N even as she and one is the values of K and one end and known as 357 and 14735 7 and 14 are the values of unknown unknown unknown in these are the values of M 12 and now it's so we're having X + 1 into this
10:00 - 10:59507 episode 35 - of this 724 35 - 28 minus y + 3 X 723 21 - of 7 into 721 latest 727 Z + 5 x 3 2 4 12 - 5 = 20 X + 1 into seven wonders Y + 3 into 14 + Z + 5 into 7077 time as this is X + 1 minus
11:00 - 11:59y + 3 into 2 + Z + 5 = 20 right now we can also write it as Express 1 - 2 Y - of listen to the music and mind with x minus 2 minus x + Z + 5 = 20 knowledge for the Sofia x minus 2 Y + Z 5 + 16 + 6 - objects from you can see that this + 6 display Satya kya cancel with mahine sabse the equation of clean result x minus 2 Y + Z = 20 which contains of both given line so hence we can see that this is the final answer that that is of equation of plane equation
12:00 - 12:59of plane that can restore contain both the human right and as a quotient is to show the show that the both lines are coplanar get shown that the both give licence copy of this of thank you

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