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Class 11






The Straight Lines


Prove that the lines 2x+3y=19 ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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in this problem we have to prove they prove that the line switches to X + 3 Y equal to 9 19 and 12 + 3 Y + 7 = 0 are equal distance from line + + 3 Y equal to 6 lines first and second line that it is difference between these two days line and distance between this is given let this is did this plan 2031 equal to given equation of

planning + 3 Y equal to 1980 given equation this line 3 Y + 7 equal to zero and see that these lines are parallel because they have people slow so equation of credit distance between distance between 9 and equal to under root 2 minus 1 divided by zero is even or odd even when will be given equal to

- 6 - 6 and 7 7 7 plus display 322 square Deewanapan 2 - 13 / 2 square to square each and 39 root 13 Pradesh will be root 13 Mod Mod negative or positive Sofia 331 will be route

22222 very - 19 - 19 - 7 equal to under root 1 richest 2019 - 7 which is equal to minus 13 divided by root 13 and service will be 1313 rodi to will be number one and two given equal to

Pintu deta equal to root 31st 989 and applied to this land each root 13 room

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