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Prove that the length of the tangents drawn from an external point to a circle are equal.



student letter start with the question here we have the one true that drawn from internal Koi not equal to first fall we have to draw a diagram this is the circle with Centre O and is the external point P from where we have drawn the two tangent to the circle that is P A and P B respectively with starting who are touching to the circle at point a and now a circle with Centre O and p and PB are the tangent to the circle OK what we have to prove so here we have to prove that is the length of the tangent a is nothing but is equals to the length of tangent TV
two letter start with bro to before starting to the pro if we will look at the feet so here we can see that the two triangle that is the p&o now as we know that tangent drawn from an external point on to the circle are nothing but perpendicular to the radius of the circle if you look at the figure is nothing but radius tourist and similarly obese also earn from this point I can read that a is perpendicular to p a i can say that is perpendicular to p v i will proof on I will start the group will the triangle that is let in
triangle and in triangle know what I can say that if you look at the bigger Pradeep angle A and Angle B are nothing but equal ok that is angle A is nothing but angle which I can write from here if you look at the figure and op is nothing but common to both of the trend that is OP is nothing but a request to Api because this same in both of 1 and the cutting which I can say that that is more A and B are nothing but Re
health OK will become is equals to ob no from the above conclusion from the above conclusion I can say that if triangle are congruent to each other then the other side of other part of the triangle are equal and hence it is proved PDA is nothing but is equal to TB I hope you like the solution thanks


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