Prove that the length of the tangents drawn from an external point to a circle are equal.


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hello student letter start with the question here we have given prove that the length of the tangent drawn from an external point to a circle are equal to draw the diagram for so let it is the circle ok now from an external point P two tangents are drawn to the circle ok two tangents are drawn on to the circle like this and this is the external point as we wanted a circle the tangent is touching that is a anti Centre I will join 2 to point B a line which make and radial head I will also make a toy which will join this point that
is now I will take you what is given to a given a Akshara Kal article with centre friendship o AP com TP tangent to the circle tangent to what we have to prove so supro is nothing but length of a is nothing but is equal to length of PV we have to prove length of DNS server for
standard 2 is equal to the length of the second now let it start with this let's start with study we will be drawn from an external point on today circle are perpendicular to the idea was cracked Vinod and 3 the tangent CA is drawn to the circle which touches the circle at point a and here radius a CD is vacant engine with Sachin to circle on quantity and the radius R is Abhi from this point can I write a is perpendicular to p independent similarly I can write
is nothing but perpendicular to VP ok in triangle n Triangle internal op and op amp ad copy we will look at the angle that is hope is design and angles are equal I will try that is angle is nothing but is equal to angle Prem
radius of the circle same radius of the truck will also become coffee because of common to both of the triangle OFC and hopefully if you look at this two triangle is nothing but common ok from that I can I topi topi because of the common from this we conclude from this three statements I can say that Jaipur triangle up the triangle is congruent is congruent triangle
and its two Triangles are congruent to each other then all other part is also learnt from this point I can say is that they will also be equal to it mean the length of a will be required to length of TV and health it is true I hope you will like it solution thank you

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