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Class 10






Trigonometric Ratios


Prove that: tan10^0tan15^0tan7...

Prove that: `tan10^0tan15^0tan75^0tan80^0=1` `tan1^0tan2^0tan3^0.....tan89^0=1` `cos1^0cos2^0cos3^0.......cos180^0=0`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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start the question question season 10 degree 3 degree tan 75 degree and PG degree is equal to 13 have this question let's do the first part part we have to prove taking the left inside the left hand side had a ton of 10 degree 3 degree turn off 75 degree 180 degree is equal to now what we can write down will write the same time 10 degree 3 degree now we can write 75 as 1915 and we can write it as 19 - 10 now as we know that 10 of 90 minus theta

cot theta we can replace 10918 1590 - 10 hair we can write the 10 10 10 degree degree cos 15 degree and Scott 10d now as we know that tangent and quotations are reciprocal of each other so we can replace code for 15 as 115 and cotton as one by tangent of 10 degree this one cancelled out and this one also cancelled out so we are getting only one with the rights and types of fruit of course part now what we have to prove and the second part 2nd part is second part is Tan Tan of 1 Degree turn off two degree 3 degree

Ab To 89 degree have to prove this equal to 1 so what will do had lipstick left inside again select inside had a ton of 1 Degree cannot to degree 3 degree of 289 so we can write down this one as 10 of 1 Degree into 10 of 2 degree into it up to China 44 degree after this we have 10 of 45 degree whose value is 1 and after that can of 46 in turn off 46 into cannot 47 up to 10 of 80 now we can write

press 1 as 10 of 1 Degree turn off two degree or 21044 with same and after this we can write 10 of 46 as tangent of 90 - 44 turn off 47-10 of 90 - 43 similarly up to 10 989 we can write 8991 now as we know 10933 is called teacher so we can write the right hand side at 90 - 44 as part of 44 so there replacing this word Kotta 44 similarly the next one quarter 4543 Ab

To quote ancient of 1 Degree and in general reciprocal to each other so product of tangent drawn into two tangent of 1 equals to how to multiply all this while getting one right inside and the last one we are having the last part is course of 1 course of 1 Degree cost of 2 degree 3 degree up to cause of 180 degree we have to prove this expression equals to now taking the left hand side again and this one question cos 1 Degree cos of 2 degree cos of 3 degree up to transfer Niti we have cos 90 and after that cos 180 now as we know that

value of cos 90 so cos 1 into cos 2 into cos 3 up to cos 90 whose value is zero and X with up to cos 180 now taking X 200 hands the product of this one is equals to Zero B is our right hand side in queue


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