Prove that (sin(x+y))/(sin(x-y))=(tanx+tany)/(tanx-tany)



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Updated On: 20-1-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello friend today we have to go through this identity and which we have to show that Sin of X + 5 / Sin of x minus y is equals to 10 X + x divided by x minus 10 ok so in order to solve this we must be familiar with what is the expansion of this home last scene of a plus bi and what is this formula alright so let's first see what is sign of Express why it is hard to be homeless and expansion of sin x + Y is written as sin x Cos Y + sin of why cause of accident memorize it that in the first we write sin x Cos Y and then we just interchange the angles aur ek you can never is it this way mark 2 mark questions on it ok now
01:00 - 01:59expansion of sin x minus y and it is very similar to the above expansion except for the part when you have to replace this Plus sign with the negative sign minus sin by cos x OK what we do it better fight the first expansion by the second expansion on it but we get a sign of X + 5 / Sin of x minus y is equals to sin x cos b + sin by cos x or light holder sin x cos squared minus sin by cos x wallet
02:00 - 02:59ok so now I have a look at what we have to prove you have to prove 10 X + 10 Y divided by x minus 3 Y and we have only sine and cosine terms on the right inside how do we convert time to turn on it since we know 10 theta tan theta sin theta divided by cos theta you already have some scientists and we have some items as well on it but we require only 10 terms for what we do is B / cos x Cos Y cos 8th cos Y because all except for the sin x there's an extra costumes so if I divide the entire numerator as well as denominator by what cosx and caused by divide numerator as well as
03:00 - 03:59denominator by cos x Cos Y ok I am / cos x Cos Y ok first you see here that term when we divide this entire tour by Kaushik horror what happens is that this sinus and cosx when it becomes tennis and this course will get cancelled on it and this in this term it is concepts and this course will cancel this causes and this caused by Wyndham when will it will divide sine wave converted to 10 vi already and dividing the entire expression in the numerator as well as denominator by cos a cos b alright so many do that it can be written as sin x + 5 / Sin of x minus 5 is equal to sin x Cos y
04:00 - 04:59by cos x Cos y Sin by cos x cos x Cos Y alright whole sin x Cos Y / cos x cos squared minus sin by cos x divided by cos x Cos Y alright ok so now you can see that in this term caused by cos I will cancel out this term cos x Cos it gets his love interest of course we will get cancelled or we can write a sign of X + y whole divided by sin of x
05:00 - 05:59minus y is equals to sin x cos x is equals to 10 x sin by cos Y is equal to 10 by old divided by sin x cos x 10 x minus sin by cos B then why it has been approved thank you for watching

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