Prove that : (sin theta + 2 sin 3theta + sin 5theta)/(sin 3theta + 2 sin 5theta + sin 7theta) = (sin 3theta)/(sin 5theta)



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Updated On: 21-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question as to prove that sin theta + 2 Sin 3 theta + sin 5 theta divided by sin 3 theta + 2 Sin 5 theta + sin theta is equal to sin 3 theta divided by sin 5 theta if we consider a left-hand side we see that we are given sin theta + Now since this is two times of sin 3 theta we can separate the standard science 8 seater + sin 3 theta + of sin 5 theta divided by this can be written as sin 3 theta similarly we can separate this and write the sin 5 theta + of sin 5 theta + sin 7 heating now here we will have to apply The Identity of Sin A + sin that it is equal to 2 x of Sin of a + b divided by 2 into cos of a minus b / to apply the identities in
01:00 - 01:59xof to like this and similarly for our denominator in so that will be equal to 2 x of time of villa 4 theta by 2 that is 2 theta into cos of will have minus theta now we know that the value of cos of minus x is equal to cos it's so we can write the saddest cos theta + now you Plaza identity of time to that poti Daan the Solar pump cos theta divided by the Silver come to Times of sign of a theta by 2 that is 4 theta into cos theta + 2 x of science 12 Chapter 6 theta into cos 2 theta by 2 that is theta numerator fitted to Times of cos theta we will be left with sin 2 theta + sin of 4 theta / if it a two times of cos theta to be coming from my denominator will be left with
02:00 - 02:594 tita Plus sign of 62 times of cos theta will get cancel so this will be equal to sin theta + sin of 4 theta divided by sin 4 theta + of sin 6 theta equal to 2 x of sin 3 theta into cos of theta divided by 2 x of sin 5 theta into cos theta is it possible to cancel and to will also get cancel so this will come out to be equal to sin 3 theta is equal to a right-hand side so therefore we have to the result

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