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Class 12






Inverse Trigonometric Functions


Prove that sin cot^(-1) tan co...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : We have to prove that <br> `sin cot^(-1) tan cos^(-1) x = sin cosec^(-1) cot tan^(-1) x = x` <br> Now, `sin cot^(-1) tan cos^(-1) x = sin cot^(-1) tan tan.^(-1) (sqrt(1 - x^(2)))/(x)` <br> Also, `sin cosec^(-1) cot tan^(-1) x = sin cosec.^(-1) (1)/(x)` <br> `= sin (sin^(-1) x) = x`

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location of the given question would you have errors have to sign cot inverse tan Cos inverse X = 2 sin cos inverse cos tan inverse X = 2 X ok basically this would have to prove in the ocean so you started solution first we will consider the first term which is from Sion to this one will prove this 2x right so how can we write a days we can I get a sin cot inverse tan Cos inverse X Lite we can get treated as sin cot inverse tan cos Cos inverse Cos inverse X hundred as tan inverse under root 1 - x square by next we know the formula right so now we can write a dash sign

10th anniversary become under root 1 - x square by x rate and if we make it right ok so it will come cot inverse so now it can be done as sin tan inverse X by 1 minus x square and root so this is what it becomes now now will make a right angle triangle ok so it will become like this if the heater then it is X and this is one minus x square so I will become using two variables we will get this one right now we will change this tan inverse 2 Sin inverse because we have been cancelled his side and Sin inverse and will get the answer so sign when we change the standard suicide universe will get Happy Birthday news

will get perpendicular bye have a nice is 6.1 and also just now will get it as this is all we have to prove X ok so we prove this now do we will consider this term now we will prove this one as x-rite so you like dash sign Kaushik inverse Court tan inverse X right now this sin cos sec inverse Court this time it was converted into court right so we can Adidas cot inverse 1 by x now will form sin cos inverse 1 by X

this causes can we change into sin x right so it will become Sin inverse X and now we can I did as next Subah Se Ke Liye god we have to prove we have to prove both the equations it will become equals to X so basically this answer so hence proved

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