Prove that <br> `sin ^(2) ((pi)/(8) + (theta)/(2)) - sin ^(2) ((pi)/(8) - (theta)/(2)) = sin ""(pi)/(4) sin theta.`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
`sin theta`


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letter start with that is a sign of 5 by 4 into sin theta before that what things are given to us that is science in to pi by 8 + theta by 2 OK I will marked this page because this is left and right into this is I will mark this as a spark LS is equal to what is equals to sin square pi by 8 plus minus of science

so I will assume this way and I will assume this as be x minus what is the formula of sin square A minus sin square B it is sign of a + b sin a + b into Sin of a minus two values of A and B will be ok so this is 5 minus A into sin what is again pi by 8 + theta by 2

minus 5 by 8 minus theta by 2 + 2 + 5 by 8 minus 2 into 2 - 8 and become + b + theta by 2 minus theta by 2 and theta by 2 will get cancer in the first bracket and the second bracket 5 by 8 and -5 get finally what will get this is equal to 5 by 8 + 5 by line of a file into sin theta by 2 + theta by 2 so from this we can say that this is equal to

into metre by 2 + theta by 2 is equal to 2 theta by 2 then this is equal to sin theta for your answer is equal to sin theta and nothing is this is equals to our RSS it is through it and also clear concept with the same ending my video thank you very much

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