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Introduction To Trigonometry


Prove that s e cA(1-sinA)(s e...

Prove that `s e cA(1-sinA)(s e cA+t a nA)=1`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Given, <br> L.H.S=`secA(1−sinA)(secA+tanA)=(secA− sin A/cosA)` <br> ` (secA-tanA))(secA+tanA)` <br> `=(secA−tanA)(secA+tanA)` <br> `=sec^2 A−tan^2 A` <br> Putting if `tan^2A+1=sec^2A` <br> we get L.H.S=`1+tan^2A−tan^2A=1` <br> `⇒L.H.S=R.H.S`


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today have to prove this identity and given that prove that second into 1 minus sin a into sec a + 10 is equal to one or lack thereof are you delete this kind of questions that you should do you should convert all the terms to sign or cause I'm alright it's ok so what are the terms of the term science question in this equation there sec and 10 on it so let us see the conversion of cheque in terms of use and so I can write Sakte is equal to 1 by cos a solid I am going to make use of debt formula and for 10 I can say that maintain a is equals to Sin A cos it ok now that once you are done this you can write down the left and right left and right becomes second which is 1 by Kaushik on it I am using this expansion into 1 minus sin a into 1 minus sin x 1 by cos

plus Deni which is then I sign a bike or solid state becomes causes no for this particular bracket you can say that you can take LCM here offcourse ok so this item becomes 1 by Cos A into 1 minus sin a into cos a-b have become Celsius and continued to party get 1 + sin a ok and in the denominator it is cause he ok now before we proceed for you should be aware of this algebraic formula of witches a square minus b square and it is a minus b into a + b or light Subah number you have this formation you can convert it to this as well ok now look closely knit apart if I put is equal to one input to b is equal to sign a then I observed that this enumerators

minus b into a + b s converted to a square minus b square all it ok identity that is going to come in handy as sin square theta + cos square theta is equals to 1 this will come in handy just a minute ok so my numerator part I am writing this as a square minus b square that is if my is fun and be sign it becomes 1 minus sin square it and in the numerator cause into cos is cos square it all right now from this identity if I put it is equals to a I can say that if I take sin square theta on this site my cos square theta is equal to 1 minus sin square theta ok since it is applicable to any general angle it is applicable to a as one minute apart becomes cos square A handmade NM was already causes query to cos square cos square concerns about and my entire top because one which is my right hand side

hence paper 1 the given identity thank you for