Class 12






Definite Integrals


Prove that: int_0^(2a)f(x)d...

Prove that: `int_0^(2a)f(x)dx=int_0^(2a)f(2a-x)dxdot`


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the question is prove that integral 022 a of x dx equal to integral 022 ai42 a minus x dx sunao first of all letters assume that let to a minus x equals to take this implies - the exposed to it now when x = 20 then it is equals to 2022 a and when exposed to a then = 22 a minus 2 is equals to zero do we get integral I is equals to integral 0228 f of X is equals to integral

to a20f to a minus 3 Y - 3 - deti this will employ interior = 2 - 220 F word to a - 3D t know you know the property of integral that integral a to b f x d x = 2 - of integral week to a f of x dx so we get integer = 202282 -3 DP now we know that integral to be a 4 x dx is equal to integral a2b fat32 now we get

integral ise equals 202282 a minus 6 we get the result integral 022 a f of X is equals to integral 022 a map of to A and B are