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Prove that In a parallelogram,...

Prove that In a parallelogram, opposite side are equal

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : In `triangleADC` and `triangleABC`<br>`/_DAC=/_ACB` (`AB` parallel `CD` and taking `AC` as transversal)<br>`AC=AC` (common)<br>`/_DCA=/_BAC` (`AB` parallel `CD` taking `AC` as transversal)<br>By `ASA` criterion of concurrency `triangle ADC` is congruent to `triangle ABC`.<br>`AD=BC` (By `CPCT`)<br>`AB=CD` (By `CPCT`)<br>Hence, proved that in a parallelogram, opposite side are equal.


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theek hai bhaiya aap to prove that in a parallelogram opposite sides are equal and opposite sides are equal prove karna hai to ab CDM man lete hain karne Dogra Mein theek hai and BD is one of the diagonal and what we have to prove that two group ab equals to CD and CB CB equals to add Ab Dekho To Humne Ek Chhota Sa construction Kya Ek diagonal RD rbd theek hai ab ab Ham Dekhenge Jo triangle mein kaun si train mein triangle a

BD and triangle abd2 CT theek hai yesterday Dekho angle angle abc equal to angle CDP I am talking about this angle angle abc is equal to angle CD CD Kyon property opposite sides parallel hote hain two opposite sides are parallel hai aur yah man Lo 2 parallel line hote hain aur usko Koi angle cut Karta Hai Koi desi

side cut kurti angle ko kya bolate Hain alternator ko jitaayenge bol dena alternative for Jitendra aur vah kya hota hai alternative positional Khol hota hai yah Dekho yah donon line parallel hai agar yah donon line parallel bolo ya Sidi Aur bhi hain parallel aur yah ko Katkar Rahana yah donon angle aur like karne ke liye isko Badha sakte ho usko Bada Lo usko Bada Lo aap hi Le Jayegi theek hai yah Dekho Dekho Kya Hai alternative positively to alternate interior angle aur alternate interior angles similarly Yahi use Karke ab is one line ko parallel Monu yah wala line ad or BC ko aur isase kanto do

yah angle aur yah angle same contact angle angle ADB equals to angle CBD theek hai na alternate interior angles theek hai aur Bidi side Jaane ko share kar rahe hain donon to equally Hoga video Kochu TV Kochu TV theek hai donon sitecom uncommon a triangle Mein Kya Dekha yah Dekho yah angle yah side aur yah angle a triangle ka dusre Triangle angle side aur angle se barabar Hai To yah a

triangle are congruent Ho Gaya triangle ABC congruent triangle cdv ss&c ke bad kya hota hai Triangles are congruent Hote Hain To Kya Hota Hai Usi corresponding sides and Angle B equal Jaate Hain To a b equal to CD and a week was to CD and AD = 2 science fruit


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