Prove that cotAcosAcotA+cosA=cosecA1cosecA+1


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integration question we have to prove that cot A minus Cos theta divided by 1 + cos A is equal to cosec a minus 1 divided by Cos A + 1 so sweet teddy left hand side so here it is cot A minus Cos A and an ear / cot A + cos it is a Soya we know that cot a is equal to cos theta by sin Sohail will be caused a / Sin A minus Cos A and then here here / 9 / cos a cos a Sin A + it is cause a and here are the reason is because cot a is equal to cos it is cos a year it is divided by sin a show cause a / sin a so
hair cutting common cause a from this and from numerator and denominator so here it will be cause a and then 1 divided by sin a minus one and here here it will be again cause a and then 1 / Sin A + 1 so here this causes simply cancel and here here we get is equal to Kaushik Kaushik a -1 and then divided by Cos A + 1 and hear the reason is because 1 by sin a is equals to Kaushik Kaushik a and hear that one is equal to right hand side so hands through and that's the answer

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