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Introduction To Trigonometry


Prove that (cotA-cosA)/(cotA...

Prove that `(cotA-cosA)/(cotA+cosA)=(c o s e cA-1)/(c o s e cA+1)`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Given, <br> L.H.S <br> `(cotA-cosA)/(cotA+cosA)= ((cosA/sinA)-cosA)/((cosA/sinA)+cosA)` <br> `= [cosA((1/sinA)-1)]/[cosA((1/sinA)+1)]` <br> `= (1/sinA-1)/(1/sinA+1)` = `(cosecA-1)/(cosecA+1)` <br> =R.H.S (Proved)


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hi students in this question we have to prove that cot A minus Cos A / cot A + cos A is equal to cosec a minus 1 divided by cos x + 1 is type of questions will solve the left hand side 4C and Prove the left hand side equal to write inside so we have got a minus Cos and cot A + cos on the left hand side right so I let us we have to solve the alleges that is cot A minus Cos A / cot A + cos B Kothi we can write quarter as causing / sin and Cos as it

in the denominator we can write quarter as cause a divided by sin a and + cos C as it is right now we can take common cause a cause a from these two right so we will take common cause a and Hue 1 by sin will remain and here only one right when we take common from cause a / Sin A cos a common say this is 1 by Sin A minus Cos A cos a common liya so will have one year similarly we can take common from this Kaushik common so here it is 1 by sin a + 1 now causes

will be cancelled with cause I know you we have 1 by Sin A minus 1 by sin is Kaushik a -1 and 1 by sin a cos A + 1 you can see this is equals to RHS and hence salt