Prove that cotAcosAcotA+cosA=cosecA1cosecA+1


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hello everyone that start this question 10 questions is that we need to prove that cot A minus Cos come completely / cot A + cos b is equal to cosec a - 1 complete / cos x + 1 this was the RHS and this is the lhs that we are in fact so let's begin with the lhs = cot a minus cos a cos A + cos a cos A by sin a cos Sin A minus Cos A complete /
by sin a + cos a that can be written as if you just a cause a common out from the numerator and also from the denominator the thing which is remaining would be 1 by Sin A minus 11 by sin a + one that is what is remaining now we just cancel out the coarser because causes both in it and you'll get 1 by Sin A minus 1 by 1 by sin a + 1 final equal to cosec a minus 1 by
1 + 1 = 1 by sin is nothing but as this equals the RHS thank you

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