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Class 11






Trignometric Functions


Prove that: <br> cos(pi/10)-si...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : LHS `=cospi/10-sinpi/10` <br> `=sin(pi/2-sinpi/10)` <br> `sin(4pi)/(10)-sinpi/10` <br> `=2cos((4pi)/(10)+sinpi/10)/(2)sin((4pi)/(10)-pi/10)/(2)` <br> `=2cospi/4sin(3pi)/20=2(1/sqrt(2))sin(3pi)/(20)` <br> `=sqrt(2)sin(3pi)/(20)`= RHS Hence Proved.

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electron theory question to that cause of fibre termination of private and equal to root 2 Sin 3 pi by 24 we have to prove that equation so first of all phone for solving this problem we have to first remember Bishop formula which is of sign of a minus Sin of beh2 Sino a minus b by 2 into Sin of a + b b for that cause of cause of A + B by 2 first we have to remember this formula hair before solve this problem we were processing with the left hand side and from

left hand side we will try to get a right inside so they are left hand side is cause of pivot and minus sign of pivot and so first first of all using this formula for using the sound of the we need to do we need to make this caused a sin and we know for that we can we know that sign of Pi bi pi by 2 minus theta is cos theta so from here we can write this cause a pivot and as 5 by 2 minus 5 by 10 - Sin of pivot and after simplifying we will get sign of four pi by 2 minus sign of pivot and from where we can see we get the like this format so we can apply this formula here so after after applying this

formula here we can see there are a is 45 B N and H BH P B N so supporting this value in this formula we can write sign of to sign of our ah45 b n and b is 5810 by 2 into of our ah45 b n and P B is returned by so after simplifying this week we get here 45458 158 10-3-5-2-10 and after simplifying this week and that it had to sign of my wife 20 into a also from here 458558 has become 5510 become 5510 and and and overall the overall simplification here we get

5820 and if we simplify this we get pi by 4 overall inside the so-called of Pi by 4 and we know the value of cos cause of my phone is route to this will give us the value this will give us value route to sorry 1 by root 2 so from here if we write this two into after after putting this value after putting this cause of Pi before we get to INR to 1 by root 2 into Sin of 3 pi by 20 and if we cancel out this week at here from here root 2 into Sin of 3 pi by 20 and at this we have need to do so this is our solution

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