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Prove that: cos5100cos3300+sin3900cos1200=1.



Sohel BF to prove that this is equals to RHS net test for co-ordinate system for this so this is our co-ordinate system ok so latest label this this is as you agree that this is 90 degree this is 180 degree this is 27360 this is 450 and this is 540 this is our first quadrant this is a second this is our third quadrant and this is our fourth quadrant ok in first quadrant all trigonometric function of positive in second quadrant sign in or positive ok in third 10 and cotter positive and forth cause and positive Show cause for 510 lysing second quadrant ok in cost 330 lysing fourth quadrant
sign 390 lies in first quadrant and Cos 120 licence second quadrant so in second quadrant cost will be positive ok in sorry in second quadrant cost will be negative in fourth quarter and causes positive and in first quadrant sin is positive ok so will be solving lhs so this can be read cos 510 can be written as 540 - 30 into cos 3:30 can be written as 360 - 30 ok Plus sign 390 can be written as 360 + 30 ok into cos 120 can be written as cos 180 - 60 ok
so by 40 can we return 86 times of 9360 can be written as four times of 9360 again 2019 and 18 can be written as to into 90 ok so as you clearly see that this All Trigonometric functions are having angle that are even multiples of 90 so they will not change to any other trigonometric function ok so as it lies in second quadrant so this will be a negative so this is minus cos 30 into as it lies in fourth quadrant so this is positive it will be cos 30 + this lies in first quadrant sin is positive that will be 7:30
ke into Shuddh slicing was lying here second quadrant so this is negative it will be cause 16 ok as you know that cos 30 root 3 by 2 will be minus root 3 by 2 into minus root 3 by 2 + and sin 30 is equal to half and Cos 60 is equals to also have ok now solving this will be getting so root 3 into root 3 is 3 so that will be 3 minus 3 by 4 minus of 1 by 4 taking LCM we will be getting -4 ok / 4 this gets cancelled out and we get this is equals to minus one that is equals to RHS has


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