Class 11






Model Test Paper -4


Prove that cos^(3)x+cos^(3)((2...

Prove that `cos^(3)x+cos^(3)((2pi)/3+x)+cos^(3)((2pi)/3-x)=3/4 cos 3x`


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good morning everyone in this question itself prove that cos cube x + cos cube 2 by 3 + X + costume to pi by 3 minus x is equal to 3 by 4 cos cube x so first of all we know the Formula for cos cube x that is given by letters write this has caused you that cos 3 X 3 theta is equal to the Formula for cos cube theta minus 3 cos theta from here we can calculate cos 2 theta cos cube theta will be this is equal to cos theta cos 3 theta + 3 cos theta divided by 4 now if you put this values in the above equation we will get cos 3 X + 3

divided by 4 + second term will become this is + 2.3 + sex so it can be written as cos 3 X + 2 + 3 cos x + 253 divided by 4 and the final term can be written as cos 3 x minus 2 Y + 3 x minus 2 pi by 3 then divided by 4 ok now what we can do it we can separate the values of the that is cos 3 x Cos 3 + 2 X aaa cos 3 x minus 2 pack so costly

viscosity latest Cos A + cos 3 X + 2 by this will also can be also written as Dubai + 3 X that is this line first quadrant in which causes positive so we can write cos3x by 4 + for the third time we can write cause we know cause of minus theta is equal to cos theta so from here we can ride cost to buy - 3 x this is equal to again cos 3 pi 3 x Cos 3 x divided by 4 + the rest of the term that is we can take fever for common out and the rest of the time can be written as it says cosx + cos x cos x + 2.3 + cos x minus 2

ok so if we open up these brackets that is cos A + B to the Formula for cos A + B is cos a + b cos a cos b + sin a sin b minus sin a sin b so first of all we can write this equation as just this part discard this card can be written as Cos A + Jis Desh can be written as cosx cos2x cos3x aur - sin x sin 2 pi by 3 + that the term can be written as cos x Cos 2 pi by 3 + sin x sin 2 pi by 3 now we see these two terms are same but of opposite sign this will get cancel out and what will be left with cosx

cos 2 pi by 3 cos 2 pi by 3 is nothing but minus 1 by 2 minus cos x + cos 2 cos cos a cos 3 pi by 3 or cos x + 2 cos x x minus cos 2 pi by 3 minus 1 by 2 is will get cancelled how it will become cos x minus cos x cos x this becomes zero as did you get cancer so this whole time became zero so we will be on the left with disturb this will be equal to you can add this Xolo 3 + 4 cos 3 X + 0 final answer will become 3 by 4 cos 3x this will be a final solution as this is what we need

thank you