Class 11






Transformation Formulae


Prove that: cos Acos(60^0-A)co...

Prove that: `cos Acos(60^0-A)cos(60^0+A)=1/4cos3A`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `cos A cos (60-A) cos (60+A)=frac{cos 3 A}{4}`<br><br> `cos (x-y) cos (x+y)=cos ^{2} y-sin ^{2} x`<br><br> `cos 3 x=4 cos ^{3} x-3 cos x`<br><br> `cos A cos (60-A) cos (60+A)` <br><br> `=cos A(cos ^{2}(A)-sin ^{2} 60)`<br><br> `=cos A(cos ^{2} A-frac{3}{4})`<br><br> `=frac{4 cos 3 A-3 cos A}{4}`<br><br> `=frac{cos 3 A}{4}`<br><br>


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the question is that we have to prove that lhs is equals to RHS ko lhs hamare pass have given him a less is cost of a into cos of 60 degree minus A into cos of 60 degree + dekhte hain ki to into cos of X into cos of why we can cause of X into cos of I have access to uske liye kya karenge ki divide by 2 and X to iske liye Ham identity use kar sakte hain X + Y + main cause of x minus y apply karte hain to hamare pass

60 degree minus A + main 60 degree + A + cos of 60 degree minus A minus 60 degree minus 3 Tu yahan se dekh sakte hain mahine se cancel ho jaega 60 degree minus Cos 120 degree + Mein cost of minus A minus A minus 2 a ho jaega mere pass a course of mines hamare pass cost of minus theta to hamare pass Nahin Hai To ko cos 2a chicken mandi to sahi half into cost of AC

aap simplify kar lete hain sabse pahle cos 120 degree ki value nikaalte Ham to cos 120 degree 120 degree is equal to cos 180 degree minus Cos A minus degree dekhte hain yar0 yah pi to pi - 60 degree 5 - 60 degree matlab second quadrant or second quadrant message sign ki wali positive Hoti Hai Baki Sabhi ho jaega 3 - Cos 60 degree and 60 degree minus half plus main cause of to a now cause of a + 1

upon 2 into cos 2A into Cos A again hamare pass Yahan per Hindi sakte hain ki cos x into cos Y ki format hai lekin Happy To Nahin again to Yahan per Dobara Ham to se divide Karenge aur to se multiply karte hain hamare pass same he attended use ho jayegi to apply kar denge tumhare pass minus 1 upon 4 into Cos A + 1 upon 4 Y + 3 + Mein cost of 28 - minus 1 upon 4 into cos of a minus 1 upon 4 bracket it would be equal to 1 upon 4 into cos 3A + 1 upon 4 into cos of a yahan se mere pass open account for

cost of a minus 1 upon 4 cos of a Jaega aur Hamare Paas Hai Hamara Agar 1 of 3 jo ki Hamare kya hai Ras se LIC call to Rs show handsfree