Class 11






Trignometric Functions


Prove that: cos 78^0cos 42^0co...

Prove that: `cos 78^0cos 42^0cos 36^0=1/8`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students with a passion for days we have to prove that cos of 70 degrees into cos 48 42 degree into cos 37 degrees equal to 1 by a given we are given 78 cause of 42 degree to 36 degrees to find the value of this what are you doing multiply and divide by 2 is equal to cos a cos b shown is the formula for can we know that Cos A + cos B is equals to disagree cause of A + B by 2 into Cos A minus b upon to ok to convert this into the form of Cos A + cos B so basically we know that A + B by 2 is equal to comparing both the right hand side of this identity and this to cause 78 and cause for degree we know that A + B by 2 is equals to 78 degrees

and a minus b by 2 is equal to 42 degree therefore we have a + b + b is equal to 78 into 2 equal to 156 degrees and a minus b is equals to 84° when we add this question will get to a is equal to 40 Degrees that 4A is equal to 120 degrees and putting a 120 this equation will be the value of b is equal to 36 degree into Cos A minus b b s cause of a + cos B so cost of a is 120 degree + cos 36 degrees what is the value of cost of 1 2001 1 by 2 into cos 120 - 1 by 2 + cos 36 2 cos 30

degrees 360 degree the value of root 5 + 1 upon 2 + 1 upon 2 x 2 so in the numerator we will get root 5 minus 2 + root 5 minus 1 by 2 root 5 + 1 upon 4 into 4 16 so therefore a minus b is equal to a square minus b square show root square minus one upon 1632 which is equal to 5 - 14 upon 32 is equal to 1 upon 8 ok this is equal to the RHS that we had to prove ok so therefore and to get the value of this

question cost of 17422 cost of 30 36 degrees is equals to 1 by 8 has given the question is in the final answer