Prove that :cos200cos400cos600cos800=116


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Fir Bhi ab to prove that the seller requires to RHS ok so will be solving lhs part here so multiplying and dividing by two will be getting so rearranging 30 to terms will get to cos 40 into cos 20 will be taking these terms together so Cos 60 is one by two so half Compare into cos it so you can see that this forms an identity of 2 cos a cos b is equals to Cos A + B + cos a minus b so this will be so half Hair Gets multiplied to form 14 ok into Cos A + B is cos 40 + 20 60 + cos a minus b cos 40 - 20 is cos 20 into cos
ET now as you know that Cos 60 is 1 by 2 ok so this will come here and Cos it is multiplied with this + 2 cos 20 into cos City ok now there will be multiplying and dividing by 22 form Again The Identity ok that is to cos a cos b as a explained it before applying The Identity over here will be getting so this will be one fourth of half of Cos 80 plus this will be cos a + b cos 20 + 80 is 100
+ cos a minus b is 20 - 80 will be cos minus or 60 as you know that cause of minus theta is cos theta Show cause of minus 60 will be equal to Cos 60 ok so you should this will be equal to one fourth of Cos A + so here you can see that cos hundred can be written as cos 180 - 80 ok so as you know that cos 180 - theta is equals to minus of cos theta because it lies in quadrant in in second quadrant caused a negative
so so this comes out to be so half of if they multiply half this dish bottoms I'll be getting half of into cos 180 - 80 will be cause of this will be minus Sohail - sin will come here - offcourse ITI ok plus half of Cos 60 is 1 by 4 sainikon 67 by to so into half ok so this will be this comes out to be Seohara pin clearly see that these waters get cancelled out ok and we get one fourth into so half into half is one fourth anniversary one fourth
into 1431 by 16 which is equals to RHS hence proved

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