Prove that: cos200cos1000+cos1000cos1400 cos1400cos2000=34


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so here we have to prove that this chal that is lhs equals to RHS ok so in lhs will be multiplying and dividing by to so we get our Pintu to cos 20 cos hundred + 2 cos 102 cause 142 into 140 into cos 200 unit that 2 cos a cos b is equals to Cos A + B + cos a minus b so will be applying this formula here to distance ok so this comes out to be half of this is
cos 20 + hundred 120k + cos 20 - 108 - 80 as you know that cause of minus theta is cos theta so cause of -80 is cos80 ok plus against their identities applied cause hundred plus 140 is 240 plus 100 - 140 is cos minus of Cos minus 40 that is cos 40 ok plus sorry it is minus minus cos 1 40 + 203 40k
- of because a minus sin is over here so it will be minus Cos 140 - 240 - 200 - 60 ok so cos minus 60 is Cos 60 ok also you can see that this can be written as cos 180 - 60 that will be equals to cos 6 Sone it will be it will be equal to minus of Cos 60 ok because it lies in second quadrant and causes negative over there ok and this can be written as cause 180 + 60 this is equals to
minus Cos 60 because it lies in third quadrant and in third quadrant causes negative and this can be written as cos 360 -20 which is equals to cos so this this is equals to cos 20 ok as it lysing urgent so it will be causes positive over there ok the whole time comes out to be and also you know that Cos 60 is 1 by 2 so this is equals to minus 1 by 2 is also minus 1 by 2 OK so substituting the values substituting the values will be getting
half of minus 1 by 2 + cos 18 + - of half + cos 40 - it will be - cos 20 - or as Cos 60 is meant by to ok so this comes out to be half of so half three times of Hafiz minus 3 by 2 + cos 80 + cos 40 - cos 20 ok now this comes out to be now on next step will be from
here ok so this comes out to be half of minus 3 by 2 + so applying applying the above formula that is so cos 18 + cos 40 is now a formula that is cos x + cos Y is equals to 2 of cos x + y by 2 into cos x minus y by to this formula is applied over here ok now we will get to cos theta + 40 is 16263 into cos 18 - 40 is 40 divided by 2 is cos 20 -
cos 20 ok so here you can see that Cos 60 is half ok so it will get X half so this become so this is cancelled out ok so here it is one ok so one x cos 20 will be cos 20 and cos 20 Hair Gets cancelled out when we get half into minus 3 by 2 that is 34 which is of minus which is equals to RHS and prove

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