Prove that: cos 18^0 - sin 18^0 = sqrt(2) sin 27^0



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Updated On: 1-7-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Tum friends question is that prove that cos 18 degree minus sin 18 degree is equal to root 2 Sin 27 degree to this post and get to prove this is equals to so we have that is cause of 18 degree minus sign of 18 degree is equals to now will solve this we can write this sign of 18 degrees that is cause of 18 degree minus sin and cos 90 minus theta is equals to sin theta cos 90 - 18 degrees this value of Cos 18 degree minus this will be cause 9913 is equal to 72 degree ok now will put a formula of cos A minus cos B for this will be that is the formula of cos A minus cos B is equals to 2 Sin A + B
01:00 - 01:59/ x sin b - this will be the term will be that is to 18 + 72 degree divided by 2 x sin 72 degree minus 18 degree / to now this will be that is to sign 18 + 72 is equal to 90 degree divided by 2 and this will be sent to minus 3 is equal to 50 / to now disturb will be that is to sin 45 degree and will be that is sin 27 degree now from here we know that the value of sin 45° 1 by root 2 value 2 X 1 by
02:00 - 02:59root 2 X science 27 degree now we can write this 2S root 2 X root 2 divided by root 2 and this will be signed 27 degree as root 2 root 2 is equals to show from your 122 is cancelled by this this will be root 2 Sin 27 Delhi it is Hans Pro thank you

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