Prove that (b+c)cosA+(c+a)cosB+(a+b)cosC=2s.


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this question we need to prove that 3 + 3 Cos A + C + a cos b + a + b cos C is equal to 2 years so I started this problem by writing the equation as it is b + C + C + cos 30 + a + b cos 2x opening this will get B cos a + b cos A + cos B cos a cos b + 1 cos C + b cos c equal to US by using these terms will get B cos A + cos B
+ C = A + 1 cos C + b cos C + cos B which is equal to to us as we know that because it was a cos b is equal to C plus Seiko se prasiddh koshish kar do b and b cos C + cos b is equal to a which is equal to 2 as Lieutenant site is equal to write inside their four hands proofed

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