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Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


Prove that: 2s e c^2theta-s e ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone are question is given that we have to prove to sec square theta minus sec 4 theta into cosec square theta + cos power 4 theta is equals to 1 minus 10 theta by 10 4 seater so let's start on the left hand side 28 left hand side to take a squared theta minus of sec theta minus root 2 cos square theta and Cos of cosec cot theta to let's start first we can write at to sec square theta minus sin square theta whole square square feet house Chennai temple to cosec square theta and this also be considered in this two square theta whole square ok now now

we know that to sec squared theta minus of but we can I did as we can write a Type 1 + 10 square theta whole square this will be - of two way connected as 1 + cot square theta cot square theta now and we can write this also 1 + cot square theta whole square this I have written from these identities Hisar Bus Terminus square theta minus 10 square theta is equals to 1 and cos squared theta minus cot square theta equal to 1 this 200 is used here

now now but this will be could become now just I will be hoping this is a + b whole square root a square minus 1 + b square 10 power minus 10 power 4 theta and - koi bhi to 10 square theta is also - of 2 and -1 to square theta this this also a + b whole square will be a square + b square cot 2 theta and close up to a b to square feet are now now if you look at it so now we need to call this also here also we need to apply any identity before applying entry let we can cancel out this - 1

+ 1 and -2 10 square theta and I have to change this also then only it will get cancelled so 26 but it also Can Be Anything But It's become this will become 2 + 2 10 square theta I have used this respect equal to 1 minus 10 theta minus 2 sin square theta and minus 2 minus root 2 cos square theta + of COD 4 theta + 2 cos square theta + 2 - to get cancel and to 10 square theta to tan square theta get cancelled

and PR left with this -2 state of Kansas and at the end we are left with cod 4 theta minus of 10 now now in the RHS if you look rhf not saying I'll give 1 minus 10 theta by 10 potita 1 minus 10 theta by 1042 dividing numerator and denominator separately one upon tyne cot theta minus of tan theta by cos theta this will become will become a cot theta cot theta and 10 theta content that accept cancel

4 times this will be 10 for heater so this is and another one is this this is the type and is Rs 8.2 from here but I get that a lecture is equal to a letter and fruit thank you


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